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At, we combine years of industry expertise with exemplary customer service to support our customers.

  • Having served the communities around Reading UK, Thames Valley, and Southern Oxfordshire for more than five decades, we have cultivated a strong local reputation.
  • We are often commended by our customers for our knowledgeable staff who provide invaluable technical advice and support, often leading to reductions in construction costs and enhancements in overall build quality. At Peppard, we believe no project is too big or small.
  • We were founded in the 1960s in Dunsden by local builder John Butler, with the goal of supplying a comprehensive range of quality building and landscaping materials in the Reading and Henley areas.
  • Today, under the leadership of John's sons, Ru and Nic, we continue to evolve to meet our customers' needs.
  • As we continue to grow, our dedication to being a socially responsible family business remains unwavering, always prioritising our customers and the community we serve.

Our ongoing commitment is to be the leading builder's merchant in the Reading area.

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