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Peppard's enduring commitment to local charities and causes has been a cornerstone of our community engagement for many decades. Our team and customers alike are drawn from the surrounding community, and we take great pride in lending our support to the causes that resonate with us.

While monetary contributions to charities and causes are important, we also recognise the value of volunteering time and leveraging social networks to spread awareness and rally support. In essence, charity isn't just about giving funds—it's about devoting time, energy, and resources to causes we believe in.

The term 'charity' itself stems from the Old French word signifying "benevolence for the poor". It's a concept rooted in goodwill, kindness, and the drive to positively impact those in need. Modern interpretations of charity highlight the importance of directing this kindness towards the underprivileged, ultimately aiming to improve their circumstances and uplift their spirits through considerate and empathetic actions.

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