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Community Dedication:

  • We've maintained a long-standing commitment to local charities and community causes.
  • Our roots run deep in the surrounding community since the 1960's.

Pride in Local Ties:

  • Both our team and our customers are drawn from the local area.
  • We take immense pride in supporting causes that resonate with us.

Charity's True Essence:

  • For us, charity is about more than giving money.
  • It's about investing our time, energy, and resources in causes we believe in.

Historical Origins of Charity:

  • The term 'charity' has its roots in the Old French word for "benevolence to the less fortunate."
  • Charity, to us, is all about goodwill, kindness, and positively impacting those in need.

Modern Interpretation:

  • In today's world, we emphasise directing this kindness towards our community.
  • Our goal is to help and improve the local area.
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